Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Order - Everythings Gone Green

At some point or another, I figured I would have to post some New Order. What better 12" to post than my favorite, 'Everythings Gone Green'. This is probably New Order at their best, still retaining the Joy Division gloominess, yet aspiring to be bigger and better. Yes, Ian Curtis was in intricate part of the pre-New Order era, but would Joy Division really have risen to the godlike status that New Order has attained through their long career? It seems to me that his death brought about a cultish status, and helped propel the band into the darlings they became. Perhaps the darkened murmurings of Ian would have left listeners wanting more, or perhaps the creative influences of the band were just enough to break his mould. It's hard to speculate on what ifs, but it's hard to front a band if your a manic depressive, and worse still, hard to write happy songs in this state. How could he ever have sung on something so different a Technique? It remains a legacy that will forever puzzle us, and Ian Curtis will forever remain a god in a band that 'almost' broke out into stardom.

Track 1, Everything's Gone Green

Track 2, Mesh

Track 3, Cries And Whispers

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UK Factory records 1981, FBNL 8

Personal rating 5/5

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komakino said...

Whhoooo hoo hoo, whoo hoo hoo hoo .... You got blues eyes, you got green eyes, you got grey eyes ..... excellent track!!!!