Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Human League - The Lebanon

I'll sent this post out to all the people who are suffering in the beautiful country of Lebanon. It's as sad an affair there today as it was back when this track was created by the band... Nowadays, we have Palestinian 'refugees' staying in THEIR country, and fighting the Lebanese army. It seems all through the ages, the word Palestinian should equate to 'trouble' or 'war mongering'. They are not a peaceful people, and never will be. Perhaps they should be pacified. The odd thing is, when Israel or Lebanon stand up against these thugs who kill innocent people, the world gasps and calls it wrong. Why shouldn't they be allowed to defend themselves? The US went to war to *cough* defend itself, and that was a war of illegitimate reasons... in this case, they have REFUGEES in THEIR country fighting the army?!? Is it just me or is something wrong with that?! If we had refugees here in Canada rise up against out government or army, we'd kick all their asses out! Rightly so, why should they be here as a guest, then think they have the gaul to dictate to us or disobey our laws. In any case, my father once told me that Palestinians are snakes. I thought that was racist back then, but after what I've seen in my 36 years on this planet, I tend to agree. My father served there as a peace keeper in the Royal Marine Commandos during the late 40's and early 50's. It is no better now than it was then, and I doubt it will ever get any better. I say, let them just kill each other. They have so corrupted what the Quran says, and have no concept of what it is to be a peaceful and loving Muslim. Perhaps one day the Muslim community will excommunicate them, and the world will be better for it. Though I'm sure they will always be refugees in some other peoples country... I just hope that there is something left of Lebanon after all this is done with. It is a beautiful country, and unlike some of their neighbors, has bright, loving and intelligent people. Perhaps in the end though, all that will be left there is Palestinians.. and there are good bombs to take care of that. The world needs to stand up against these atrocities, and unite against terrorism.

Only until we fully work together will there ever be peace for us all.

If you don't like what I wrote, why are you still reading it? Freedom of speech is alive and kicking today.

Track 1, The Lebanon

Track 2, Thirteen

Track 3, The Lebanon (Instrumental Version)

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Canadian Virgin Records 1984, VSX 1186

Personal rating 4.5/5

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