Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cetu Javu - Situations

Since I was recently asked for more 'synth' music on my chat applet, I figured now would be a good time to take advantage of the large collection of synthpop I have, and add a group of it at once. I'll start with this classic dance floor hit from 1988. I think one of th allures of 'Situations' is that it reminds me so much of earlier Depeche Mode; by this time Depeche Mode had moved away from the typical synthpop sounds of their earlier works, and were incorporating guitars into their songs. This solid track, albeit being many years after this type of sound was out, is still as good as they come. It's quality syth in a time when synthpop had somewhat died in the UK, and former synth artists had either broken up, or were moving towards the dance spectrum. An example of what I mean: New Order were experimenting with exctacy in Ibiza, and were producing more 'trance' like material. Even Erasure has shifted gears towards the trance spectrum, and their releases sounded further and further away from the 'old' type of synthpop. This track could have been released some 5 years earlier, and would have made the band pioneers, rather than being deemed as followers. A truly great song, and one that will always get a lot of play when the inkling comes.

Track 1, Situations

Track 2, Quien Lo Sabia?

Grab the tracks here!

US ZYX Records 1988, ZYX-5864

Personal rating 4/5

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