Friday, May 11, 2007

Ian McCulloch - September Song

A man walks into a bar. No, it's not really a bar, it's more like a Parisian cafe. And it's not just one man, there's two! It's Ian McCulloch and Tony Bennet. After they enter, and the patrons figure out who they are, they slam and lock the doors behind them, trapping them inside. At gunpoint, these patrons sequester the 2 singers, and force them to play music. After several hours, the patrons become impatient, and begin screaming "No, No! Like this, French style!". The resulting 12" is what 2 captive singers sound like after being sequestered in some French cafe for several days...

Ok, not really, but damn, it sure sounds like it! To me, this 12" sounds like Ian covering Tony Bennet in some French cafe in Paris. Thankfully, he didn't drop his former Echo & The Bunnymen sound in lieu of becoming a crooner, that would be nasty wouldn't it? If you like this, then you should also buy buy some Tony Bennet records.. Hell, why stop there? Pick up an accordion and get out on your balcony and serenade the neighborhood. Perhaps you will get a nice collection of mementos thrown at you, perhaps you will just get rotten fruit.. I had a really hard time transferring this EP, as the song REALLY annoys me. It's not that I have anything against French music, non! In Fact there is some brilliant stuff over there. it's just that, well, why does Ian think he's cool by sounding like he just ate a croissant for breakfast? In any case, this was a request, and that's really the only reason I'd put it up. You'd better enjoy it, it was a torturing whole 10 minutes of my life gone.

Track 1, September Song (Long Version)

Track 2, September Song (Short Version)

Track 3, Cockles And Mussels

Grab the tracks here!

Canadian Korova Records 1984, 24 91960

Personal rating 1.75/5


King AdBeck said...

Thank you! Can't believe you remembered this. Absolutely made my day!

Recently heard an interview in which Ian shares his hopes to one day record an entire album of Frank Sinatra style crooning. He said his life's work won't be complete until he does, so beware.

Dreamwave said...

all I can say is ...


leBaRoNBLeu said...

Thank you soo much !!! i ve been searching this song for so long !!!
kind regards from france ...