Friday, May 11, 2007

Endgames - First-Last-For Everything

I really won't have to say too much about this Endgames 12", ether about it's scarcity nor how good the track was and still is today. I think most people have gotten the picture by now right? I have a copy of this on the Hardest Hits CD series, and also on a CFNY compilation of rare to air tracks from the 80's. I must say, with this being a somewhat beat up copy, it sure knock those CD versions off the block. That goes as a testament that vinyl, especially on 12" format, is wayyyyyyyyy better than CD (yay for vinyl). Now that that is out of the way, perhaps this will be the first time you will hear the dub version of this track. Being as scarce as it is, you'd actually have to own it to hear it. It's not something conventional enough to have gotten any airplay on radio back in the day, and I doubt many dj's really bothered to play it in clubs. So you now have an opportunity to enjoy a classic synth tune, and also regard what a dub version of it might sound like. What a deal!

Track 1, First-Last-For Everything (Club Version)

Track 2,
First-Last-For Everything (Dub Version)

Grab the tracks here!

UK Mercury Records 1982, GAME 212

Personal rating 4.5/5

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