Friday, May 18, 2007

The Lucy Show - Undone

I was thinking for a while about posting a Lucy Show album, thankfully someone beat me to the punch and requested one. Though I probably would have posted their other album Mania, this will suffice to both get the idea across, and make one reader happy. Perhaps at a later time I'll post the other album to show the differences in the two. Though this is a decent album overall, it strikes me more as a singles album than a full length. By that I mean, there are a few decent singles, but the rest is just listenable. Mania is a much more solid release, and overall a much more enjoyable listen. This being the bands debut release will obviously factor into it not being as strong a release, having the band perhaps get some help on the second record to get more sales. Although in the end, it obviously didn't work out for The Lucy Show, they did manage to get a few lower hits on smaller indie style radio stations. I'm not sure what happened with the band, or what happened to them, as they were not exactly the darlings of the press when they were around, and probably mostly ignored in shops. They are worth picking up, as I mentioned, Mania is a good album. This one for me will just remain 'OK'.

Track 1, Ephemeral (This Is No Heaven)

Track 2, Resistance

Track 3, Come Back To The Living

Track 4, The White Space

Track 5, Wipe Out

Track 6, The Twister

Track 7, Undone

Track 8, Remain

Track 9, Better On The Hard Side

Track 10, Remembrances

Track 11, Dream Days

Grab the tracks here!

Canadian A&M Records 1985, SP5088

Personal rating 2.75/5