Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Mighty Lemon Drops - Fall Down (Like The Rain)

The Mighty Lemon Drops were among my favorite bands growing up in the late 80's, and often had people over here in Canada scratching their heads when I frequently wore a t-shirt by the band. The best I could say was they were similar to Echo & The Bunnymen in nature, and fans of The Smiths would like them. Comparisons, always have to say somebody else to showcase a band .. If these people didn't bother to check them out, then it's their loss isn't it? I do know that the band niched out a small following in Canada, evident by the amount of people who flocked to see them at the Canada Day festival in Barrie, back when CFNY didn't suck. In any case, I didn't really give a flock what people thought, I listened to what I liked, and they could stick their Pearl Jam up their arses! Bitter? Maybe. It just burns my arse to see good bands like this fluffed off because some wanker in some office somewhere is paying millions to shove crap down our throats. Perhaps that makes me jaded to radio? Yeah it does, most of the stuff on there is crap, listen to it sometimes! I just go back to the days when a few select stations had the kahunas to actually play decent music, like this band, The Mighty lemon Drops. Anyway, not sure where that came from, perhaps I'm in a midlife crisis as I turned 36 today.. midlife being a smoker, I've prolly already cut my life down to 66 or so. Does this all really have anything to do with The Mighty lemon Drops? No, prolly not, but then, who cares right? You've actually bothered to read some of my dribble here already...

Track 1, Fall Dow (Like The Rain)

Track 2, Inside Out (Extended Version)

Track 3, Paint It Black

Track 4, Laughter

Grab the tracks here!

UK Chrysalis Records 1988, AZURCD 9

Personal rating 4/5


Tom said...

The live version of the EP was also pretty good. I have a Droppies iste at

There are a couple of concerts to download!

Highlander said...

The Mighty Lemon Drops were good weren't they? Had tickets for a gig in Edinburgh (1987 I think) and it kept getting cancelled until they gave out refunds. Never saw them live in the end. Will post the debut album at some point if you don't beat me to it ;)

Anonymous said...

You say you don't know where they came from - well they came from Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, UK. I used to knock about with them as well as the other bands from the area (basically Stourbridge, which is where I live): Pop Will Eat Itself, The Wonderstuff, Balaam & The Angel and also Neds Atomic Dustbin.

They were exciting times back then.

Dreamwave said...

I know where THEY come from.. I said I don't know where my little rant came from.. guess I was bitchy when I wrote it ;)