Thursday, May 03, 2007

Candy Flip - Madstock

During the hysteria in the UK know as the 'Madchester' scene, dance artists began cropping up and producing some very talented acid house infused beats. One of these short lived ventures was Candy Flip, whose single of note was The Beatles cover of 'Strawberry Fields', which was a tad irritating to the die hard Beatles fans, but quite catchy in clubs worldwide. Although these fellows fell into the big hole known as obscurity, they did manage to release one excellent album chalked full of very catchy and danceable tracks. Though perhaps a bit dated by today's standards, fans of The Beloved and possibly The Pet Shop Boys will get some enjoyment from this disc. My personal favorite here was 'Redhills Road' which I believe is the cream of the crop on the album, despite their other notable single. Although this disc was widely released, it is fairly difficult to acquire in shops nowadays, and even harder to find on vinyl (of course, I have both). It will remain an excellent, but short lived movement etched in the UK music charts.

Track 1, Love Is Life

Track 2, Strawberry Fields Forever

Track 3, Wonderland

Track 4, This Can Be Real

Track 5, Madstock

Track 6, Redhills Road

Track 7, See The Lights

Track 8, Theme

Track 9, Space

Track 10, Ask Why

Track 11, Strawberry Fields Forever (Remix)

Track 12, Space (Funny Mix)

Grab the tracks here!

US Debut Records 1990, 82264-2

Personal rating 3.5/5


chris fish said...

I was beginning to worry I was the only person who ever liked this album! I deliberately went out and bought it in a trendy record shop just to piss off the acid house elitists who worked in there. One of the Candyflip guys went on to produce the Charlatans unless I'm much mistaken, and on a less happy note I think one of them died not that long ago. . .

Clare said...

Thanks for this, been after it for ages! The member who produced The Charlatans was involved in the car crash that killed keyboard player Rob Collins. That could be what you're thinking of?

You're not the only person who liked this album btw!

Anonymous said...

great blog.
have you the cd-single 'Strawberry Fields Forever' 1990?

1. Strawberry Fields Forever (Raspberry Ripple Mix)
2. Strawberry Fields Forever
3. Can You Feel the Love
4. Aqua Libra


Dreamwave said...

I don'y have the CD single, I have a few copies of the 12" though.