Monday, May 21, 2007

Mono - Formica Blues

Finding a lot of similarities with Mono's first album Formica Blues, is not hard to so. We can obviously observe the heavy trip-hop influences of Portishead, and the fingerprints of Massive Attack producer Martin Virgo. Yes, it's not hard to draw these comparisons, but what's so nice about this album is it's overly perfect construction, musically, and the gorgeous vocals of Siobhan De Mare. It's not hard to see why fans flocked to the group, and why they became darlings in a genre already littered with great artists. The album is full of single worthy material, and could probably boast another album from the cut out material that was not included. If you ONLY know Mono from their hit single 'Life In Mono', then this is an opportunity for you to experience why I think Mono were far greater and far reaching musically than Portishead could ever hope to aspire to. That of course is just an opinion of myself, and probably not going to be the general consensus. I do believe this album should be in the top 100 and most regarded albums of the last ten years.

Track 1, Life In Mono

Track 2, Silicone

Track 3, Slimcea Girl

Track 4, The Outsider

Track 5, Disney Town

Track 6, The Blind Man

Track 7, High Life

Track 8, Playboys

Track 9, Penguin Freud

Track 10, Hello Cleveland!

Track 11, Life In Mono (Alice Band Mix)

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Canadian Mercury Records 1997, 314 536 676-2

Personal rating 5/5

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