Monday, May 28, 2007

Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Intact

Perhaps not eh best example of a classic Ned's track, but one that adds a various view on their sound. By this we mean taking a Ned's track and adding a danceable quality to it. The remix of 'Intact' is a great song to throw on in a mix of britpop, or on somebody's mixed tape, and make them second guess what they're listing to. Unlike the "dreaded remix syndrome", this is actually a quality mix, and musically sounds more like something of the Flowered Up or Happy Mondays nature. The Ep offers a few other decent tracks, including the album version of 'Intact', plus a live track. Like I mentioned, it not the best of the Ned's material, but it's one that you might not hear often. You know how I like to throw quirky things up for you here, so what change now?

Track 1, Intact (Remix)

Track 2, Intact (Album Version)

Track 3, Prostrate

Track 4, Swiss Legoland (Live)

UK Furtive Records 1992, 658816-6

Personal rating 3.75/5

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kriyata said...

Hi Dreamwave, Thanks for re-ups the old files ...Thakns, excellent band. But why low quality of mp3??
thanks, hugs.