Monday, May 28, 2007

Skywave - Don't Say Slow

If you're looking for an assault on your eardrums, then perhaps Skywave is the band for you. Skywave were part of the Alison Records tour, as mentioned in the previous post, and were another of the bands which blew me away (both musically and sonically). I'd not heard Skywave before they came rolling up from the US, but they did have a notoriety that proceeded them. That is of course, of of being VERY, VERY LOUD! I first ignored this warning, and in St Catherines proceeded to have my eardrums rolled out the back of my head. Yes, they are LOUD. The next night, I took the precautions of wearing earplugs, and this did manage to soften the barrage somewhat. Although fairly noisy, they are a superb act to watch, and their on stage antics include jumping around like lunatics, and the drummer occasionally playing the bass drum with his foot (as his stomping has previously broken the pedal). Quite an entertaining show indeed, and a new found love for the band. If it were just merely noise I was looking for, I could simply play with a chainsaw for a few hours, but there is actually a melody within this music, and heartfelt love for what they are doing. The sad thing is that you may never again get to see the band live, as rumor has it, they have become defunct, sadly. If early Jesus & Mary Chain or My Bloody Valentine is up your alley, then I encourage you to pick up a Skywave disc, wear earplugs, and stand in the next room.. you won't be disappointed.

Track 1, Don't Say Slow

Track 2, Took The Sun

Track 3, Forever You

Grab the tracks here!

US Amendment Records 2002.

Personal rating 4.5/5

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