Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pacific UV - Pacific UV

Last of the posts for today, though as always, more to come next week. I'll leave you with this amazing disc to drool over, in a somewhat unknown artist known as Pacific UV. I believe they hail from Athens Georgia, though that is not something I can say with 100% certainty. They are touted as being a space rock outfit, but I believe they are more likely to fall into an alt-country genre, more to the likes of Mojave 3, A Northern Chorus or even Mazzy Star (there's another comparison for you *gah*). I heard this while in a small indie type shop in Toronto, and fell in love with the disc by 30 seconds into the first track, I was hooked (can you buy anything today with a 30 seconds listen, and know you'll love it?). If this were a record, I'd have literally played through the vinyl by now, and it was commonplace to hear this going in my shop. I think I might have even made people sick of it, if that's at all possible. This would easily fall into my favorite discs in the last five years, and easily in the top 5. I would suggest (as I always do), that you go out and buy this CD, as I hope to hear more stunning material by Pacific UV.

Track 1, Static Waves

Track 2, Out In The Blue

Track 3, LAPD vs. NYPD

Track 4, Maryanne

Track 5, Your Girlfriend In The Ivy

Track 6, Scarlet

Track 7, Blind

Track 8, God Is So Tired

Grab the tracks here!

US Warm Records 2003, WRM108CD

Personal rating 5/5


thepsychicpilot said...

Thanks for posting this. However, there is only one song in the file - #8.

Anonymous said...

wOw... no kidding this is a good one. not through the first song and im leaving a comment.


its nice to have good "new" music.


Gene Wicker Jr said...

Great CD. I'm already on my second listen today.

Team Clermont Lucas said...

Hey! We were/are from Athens, GA (Clay has since moved to Portland and Howard is in VA). Thanks so much for writing this up. I feel like we put a lot of work into this album (particularly Howard and Clay, the other two members at the time), and I'm really proud of it. The band (without me) released a great little EP last year as well.

Dreamwave said...

Yes, I've heard a bit on myspace and other sites, thought it's really changed in sounds quite a bit. Still sounds good though, more Byrds(y). Maybe you can influence your ex-bandmates to send me some new material to put up here for my eager readers :) Or point me to some new stuff to grab that you might be aware of. Always love to hear what people who make this great stuff listen to. Damn, I wish I could play, instead I'll just talk about it!