Thursday, May 03, 2007

Primal Scream - Loaded

Perhaps this is one of those posts where I list a release for a single track, as I detest the other tracks it contains. I'm not sure why I'm so jaded towards the other two tracks on this EP. but they just gripe me.. irritating. It's not the band itself, as I actually love Primal Scream, it's just these songs. If it weren't for 'Loaded', I would never have taken the time to source this out on cd and on 12". 'Loaded' is one of the anthem songs from my pub crawling days, and probably the case with many other people out there. I think the line says it all; 'Just what do you want to do? We want to get loaded and have a good time!' Sound familiar? Well, now that I'm an old cynical bastard (I'm only 36, still old enough), I can't get loaded anymore.. hangovers, work and such... In the rare case I do, perhaps this song is playing in my head? Who knows, later I have a certain Dead Kennedys song going, and I'm making another one up the next day about wishing I was dead. In any case, this tune really reflects the aspects of club and pub goers well into the year 2007. Perhaps the CD should come with aspirin inserts if it is ever re-released...

Track 1, I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have

Track 2, Ramblin' Rose (Live N.Y.C.)

Track 3, Loaded

Grab the tracks here!

UK Creation Records 1990, CRESCD 070

Personal rating 3/5


G Magill said...

Ha Ha - I'm the opposite - I can't listen to "Loaded" anymore - reminds me too much of acne - now the other two tracks I still love - especially the MC5 cover - always enjoyed it when PS let their hair down. Great Post!

Erik said...

I have the American version of this EP. It's got 7 songs on it, including 2 versions of Loaded and 2 of Come Together.