Sunday, June 24, 2007

Belle & Sebastian - Legal Man

Belle & Sebastian are a band which I seem to be on the cusp of being fully engrossed with, then only to discover the next album I buy by them is a pile of piss. Perhaps that's a bit harsh, as they are quite talented musicians, though it seems about half the albums I've bought by them end up in second hand shops. This EP though, is a fabulous example of the sound that fills my speakers with vibrant life. 'Legal Man' has to be my favorite track by the band, and this is the sound that I adore. The nice part is the b-sides aren't shite either, which is usually the case with most bands. When you can pick up an EP and find it most enjoyable is a rare treat, I just wish the tracks were a tad longer, or they threw on another track or two to make it a little more worthwhile. In any case, this Belle & Sebastian EP should give you all of 9 minutes of extreme pleasure, and that's hopefully enough to bring other releases to mind when you're doing you next record shopping venture.

Track 1, Legal Man

Track 2, Judy Is A Dick Slap

Track 3, Winter Wooskie

US Matador Records 2000, 448

Personal rating 4.5/5


Highlander said...

Wouldn't a "pile of piss" trickle away? But ye, I'm never convinced by Belle & Sebastian either.

Jason X said...

Hmmm...I've always liked this single. I have to agree though, Belle & Sebastian, while fantastic songwriters, are too easy listening for me most of the time. Check out "The Blues Are Still Blue" on their latest LP. This track sounds like an old Marc Bolan stomper and has replaced "Legal Man" as my fave song by them....well at least that makes TWO songs I like by them anyway...LOL