Thursday, June 21, 2007

Depeche Mode - A Question Of Lust

Probably on every mixed tape given to a loved one during the 80's and 90's. This is one of those tracks that has lasted the test of time, and will be forever etched in the memories of the 80's generation. I'm sure a few children were conceived to this track, though I'm not scientist, and I probably wouldn't want to try and figure this out by calling old school buddies. This was Depeche Mode at their exceptional period in their career, and I'm not saying I dislike anything prior or after this period, it's just that this holds the best memories for me. There was nothing quite taking days to make a special tape for some girl you liked, and having the *cough* benefits while listening to it with her ;) However you remember this song, I'm sure this post will take you back to your special moments, and perhaps some heartbreaks too. That's life, don't blame the band, just enjoy the music.

Track 1, A Question Of Lust

Track 2, Christmas Island

Track 3, Christmas Island (Extended)

Track 4, People Are People (Live)

Track 5, It Doesn't Matter Two (Instrumental)

Track 6, A Question Of Time (Minimal)

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US Mute Records 1991, 9 40317-2

Personal rating 4/5

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