Thursday, June 21, 2007

A-Ha - Forever Not Yours

Perhaps I purchased this EP with a jaded outlook as to what it would sound like. Did you happen to see the Live Aid show from Germany, and also remember how bloody awful A-Ha sounded? Another aspect is that, generally, 80's bands today sound like crap when trying to something more modern. I find most of these bands can't venture into the sound of today, and cannot let go of their sound that made them huge in their time. This has always been a big setback for me, and probably one which will plague me if I see some classic band releasing a new disc. With that said, the tracks are pretty decent. It does have a sound 'similar' to that of the heydays of the 80's, but it has a fresher feel to them. Perhaps this is only window dressing for the time, but if they can pull it off, and if I like it then it really doesn't matter. The selling point here were the live versions of their classic older tracks. As I said, I had a sense of apprehension about how well his vocals would be, but they are pretty much spot on. The best part of this, and one that always gives me chills, is how the audience participates with the vocals, and the band lets them take over. There's really nothing in the world like a crowd singing every word to your songs in unison. I'd imagine this would be a very special feeling for the band, showing how far reaching their music really was. The live tracks were recorded in Oslo, Norway on March 24th 2001.

Track 1, Forever Not Yours

Track 2, Differences (Original Demo)

Track 3, Hunting High And Low (Live In Oslo)

Track 4, Manhattan Skyline (Live In Oslo)

Grab the tracks here!

German WEA Records 2002, 0927-44859-2

Personal rating 3/5

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Claudia said...

Hi !

As a longtime a-ha fan, I'm glad you liked that single.
Just as a tip if you like to hear/see more live a-ha stuff:
Loads of that can be found on You-tube.
Just search for: a-ha live concert .

The Mushroom said...

I met the only American in the Travel Channel's bonus feature on the Oslo DVD... at a Depeche Mode concert years ago. That's my claim to fame. :)

I bought the CD single of "Forever Not Yours" in Canada.