Saturday, June 16, 2007

Heaven 17 - Let Me Go

Rooted in the early years of the Human League, Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh split the band in 1980 to form Heaven 17. Although their career would not be as fruitful as the Human Leagues, it did offer a large variety of solid singles throughout the 80's. One of the premiere tracks released by the band is this track 'Let Me Go', which was as solid as anything happening in the time. For a short while Heaven 17 were the darlings of the UK pop charts, but as with everything, the love faded and by 1988 the band had officially disbanded. As the trend of reformations continues (some should stay dead), Heaven 17 reformed in 1996 and released what would be a string of albums stretching up until 2006. Some believe that bands can sound as good today as they did back in the 80's. Though nostalgic as it may be, I never fully understood the logic of a bunch of old men jumping about on stage like they were in their twenties. A good example of this would obviously be the Rolling Stones, which incidentally had to order special walkers and oxygen tanks for their next tour. Perhaps some of these bands still carry a flame to what they were in the 80's, others still will just be lifeless, money grabbing shells, trying to squeeze every iota of cash from a long dead name. Are Heaven 17 part of this group? That's really for you to decide...

Track 1, Let Me Go

Track 2, Let Me Go (Instrumental)

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Canadian B.E.F. Records 1982, VSX 1161

Personal rating 4/5

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