Monday, June 11, 2007

Southpacific - Constance

For a short time in space, there was a brief ripple on the sonic Richter Scale known as Southpacific. Founded in the deep seeded sounds of My Bloody Valentine and Swervedriver, and incorporating the electronic vibe of Seefeel, the band set forth to create a sounds to call their own. Though largely lauded by the press, the band did manage to garner some acclaim on university radio with their debut release 33. It wasn't until later, after recording in a ski chalet, that the band managed to create an almost perfect record in the likes of Constance. More to the vein of Flying Saucer Attack meets Swervedriver, the album shines with the brilliant, and very experimental, noise which was prevalent in the mid 90's. Though not the best release in the genre, it does sparkle with a magical intelligence that puts it above the rest. Being from Toronto also helps bring more attention to the band, as at that time the genre was a tad lacking in that area. A great album, if you can find it.

Track 1, Blue Lotus

Track 2, Parallel Lines

Track 3, E10 @ 182

Track 4, Alamo

Track 5, Analogue 9

Track 6, Round (Forget What You Feel)

Track 7, Built To Last

Track 8, A Better Life Since

Track 9, Stay Ahead, Far Behind

Track 10, Pintail Gate

Track 11, Automata

Track 12, Instrumental

Track 13, Telegraph Hill

Track 14, Aria

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US Symbiotic Records 2000

Personal rating 3.5/5

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