Saturday, June 16, 2007

Paul Hardcastle - 19 (French Version)

Just for fun, I figured I would put up this classic track, but thrown in the fact that it's a French version rather than the usual English version you may be used to. Granted, those of you in France probably know this, and those of you in Germany will know the German version that exists. I wonder how many languages this song actually was released in? It would be rather comical to hear a Japanese version of the track, not sure that would translate very well though. It's not exactly a great variation as I said, though it is worth listening to. The b-sides are rather like porno music, so if you're thinking of filming one.. you might like these?

Track 1, 19 (French Version)

Track 2, Fly By Night

Track 3, Dolores

Grab the tracks here!

Personal rating 2.5/5


Anonymous said...

Hey bloggers i’m sorry to post this here but i'm desperate.
Do you know this song?
Is a missing track about the year 1986, some information of this song is welcome (if is possible some clue or a extract of the lyrics).
Great page and great music here.
Pages like this is my only hope.
(I will pay 10 euros for the title and artist information) ;)

Dreamwave said...

No idea man, I've heard stuff that 'sounds' like that, but I've not heard that track. Almost sounds like Vital Sines kinda sorta...

Anonymous said...

Thanks dreamwave for the information ;)

Anonymous said...

In fact, there IS a japanese version of this song !!!
and scroll down
for further details.

Outstanding site - hope you`re up and well again.

Dreamwave said...

Interesting.. a spanish version as well :) I might have to dig thee up and give them a listen.. thanks for the heads up.

Christophe, France said...

Hello Dreamwave,

here's the Spanish and Japanese versions:
For info, the voice of the French version was the one of the most popular TV News journalist at that time.

I recently discovered your page and I really like your selection
Some nice memories
Some great discoveries

Thanks and congratulations for your work

Andrew said...

Bit late joining this discussion, but I'm having a heck of a job finding the 7" German version of this track - can anybody help? Cheers :)

Dreamwave said...

I actually acquired the German version of this a while back.. if you're still looking.