Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wendy James - The Nameless One

It's a love affair that started back in the mid 80's for me. Not necessarily with all the music that Transvision Vamp put out, but more so with the beautiful vocalist they had representing the band. Yes, there were great Transvision Vamp releases, and then a fair amount of bad ones. I did however, find myself always picking them up. It it possible that this temptress Wendy James had cast her spell on me, and I was in hook line and sinker? Perhaps.. We can now get past all that, I'm older right? Oddly enough, see what I now post for you, yes, a Wendy James EP. I'm guessing this infatuation never really ended, but was perhaps hidden from the women in my lives. I have one other special infatuation, but I'm sure Rachel Goswell doesn't read this, and care to know about that one. In any case, we have a similar problem with Wendy James in her solo releases. It's great music if she doesn't wail like a banshee, and add almost metal like riffs. It doesn't quite do her loveliness justice for some reason. But hidden within these two discs are jewels via the likes of stripped down acoustic recordings. It gives you the sense that she can actually sing, and when she does her voice is captivating. Some of it reminds me a touch of a certain Aussie band Frente, although that's just another comparison for the purpose of giving you something to perhaps expect when you listen to this. It's not the most stellar material ever written, but it does come across as a heartfelt attempt to be something real, and something that wasn't necessarily captured while in Transvision Vamp. You be the judge.

Disc 1

Track 1, The Nameless One

Track 2, I Just Don't Want It Anymore

Track 3, May I Have Your Autograph

Grab the tracks here for Disc 1

Disc 2

Track 1, The Nameless One

Track 2, Only A Fool

Track 3, I Need You Now

Grab the tracks here for Disc 2

UK MCA Records 1993, MCSTD 1732/MCSXD 1732

Personal rating 3.75/5


davidpuntocom said...

Hello, I'm David from Spain.
It's great to find this EP. I would like to say more, but my english is horrible. Thank you for your job.

Vanna said...

Keep up the good work.