Monday, June 11, 2007

Project Skyward - Strange Synchronicities

This is an introduction to the beautiful sounds screaming across the galaxy from a small teams of brilliant muses known as Project Skyward. Hidden in secret labs somewhere in the USA, they work to recreate the sounds which followed the creation of the sun and stars, and the forever forward pulse of the universe. The lush waves of layered guitar, overlapped with swirling layers of keyboards and the dreamy vocals create a sound which has distant shores across the universe shivering in delight. Revered by all, this perfect blend of bliss inspires one to join the affront to limiting boundaries, and walk out into the nebulae. In some worlds, it is spoken of Project Skyward as being gods, and temples have been erected in their name, offerings of light and sound are often abundant. Their music still beams to the heaven from their remote lab, and the fans keep coming, homage being paid from all across the galaxy. Join the Project Skyward revolution today, add the chorus of sounds tripping off into the universe by playing your copy of Strange Synchronicities now.

This is two sample tracks from the album, please purchase your own copy from the band, or here at a later date.

Track 1, Into The Orion Nebula

Track 2, A Flash Of Light

Grab the tracks here!

US Nebula Records 2004, NEB 4035

Personal rating 5/5

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