Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Wild Swans - Bringing Home The Ashes

AT long last, something new here! I need to say first off that I'm very sorry for the delays! Moving was a terrible venture, and with starting a new job, it really threw a wrench into the short term plans I had. I hope that I didn't lose too many of my faithful readers :)

With that said, I give you this brilliant album from The Wild Swans, to hopefully ease your pain. I shouldn't have to say too much about this one, other than it was a masterpiece when it came out, and still holds a special place in my musical collection. It has been an LP that I have sold many times over the years, as once people heard it's magic, they insisted on owning a copy (my copy). I have always managed to grab another copy thankfully!

Track 1, Young Manhood

Track 2, Bible Dreams

Track 3, Bitterness

Track 4, Archangels

Track 5, Northern England

Track 6, Whirlpool Heart

Track 7, Bringing Home The Ashes

Track 8, Now And Forever

Track 9, The Worst Year Of My Life

Japanese Sire Records 1987 25697

Personal rating 5/5


Highlander said...

'Bible Dreams' is my favourite from the album. Saw the video on 'Transmission' - late night alt music show of the late 80's - and bought the album myself on the strength of that. Good post.

Anonymous said...

Your file download service reports the download as file not found.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Glad to see the posts are back in full swing. ;)

PapayaSF said...

Allow me to second the rave about this album, the pinnacle of their career IMHO. Some say it's over-produced, but I think they got it just right. And despite the song titles it's not a downer for me: emotional and melancholy, but somehow uplifting.

gadgetgirl02 said...

You have an amazing knack for posting music I lost access to and have missed terribly. Thank you so much (and again).

PS Thanks to all the "reminders" of music from this blog, I've been finding/buying more too. The most recent addition was the Revisited CD compilation from Breeding Ground.

Anonymous said...

Well done on this upload and Welcome back, enjoying this just as much you have described. Hope there is more of it to come.