Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lamb - Lamb

For those of you who adored the sound of Portishead, perhaps this post will shine a light on something in that same vein, but perhaps a little livelier. If Portishead are the 'come down' darlings of the 90's culture, then Lamb would definitely be their upstart cousins. Although similar in some fashions, having the whispery vocals that made Portishead famous, we now find a more textured drum and bass beat pounding from our speakers. Although at some time a bit overpowering and chaotic, there are the gorgeous moments in the likes of 'Lusty' which would be an anthem to the band that is Lamb. It's fabulous work, though it might not seem so on the first listen. It's definite that once you return to it, some months later, you will find it's allure unbearable. I did not like Lamb on my first try, but had some positive reinforcement from a friend who loved them. Lamb are something you'll find yourself writing a note about. Perhaps not now, but in the months to come, you will have their praises lining these comment pages.

Track 1, Lusty

Track 2, God Bless

Track 3, Cotton Wool

Track 4, Trans Fatty Acid

Track 5, Zero

Track 6, Merge

Track 7, Gold

Track 8, Closer

Track 9, Gorecki

Track 10, Feela

Grab the tracks here!

US Polygram Records 1997, 532968

Personal rating 4/5


Gene Wicker Jr said...

ARGH! I went to your download site and I get a nasty message that says "You have got max allowed download size from your country". What does that mean?

Elizabeth said...

I just downloaded Gorecki from emusic yesterday. One of my all time favorite songs. This album is lovely.