Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blur - Girls & Boys

Probably the best known of all the 'good' Blur songs, and by that I mean NOT the bloody "WooHoo" 'Song 2' that everybody seems to know. That is an example of a track that 'drives me out of my bloody mind'. Yes, a touch racy in it's underlying meaning, but hell, it made for one hell of a video, not to mention a club hit. This was probably the last of the good Blur, as they proceeded to self destruct sometime shortly after, losing their lovely mod sounding roots, and going towards the "hey I woke up and think I'm a punk" type of crap. Perhaps it helped to have a mix by the Pet Shop Boys, though I'm not sure if I care really, the track is good on it's own. The best part of this EP is the brilliant cover of Rod-The-Mod's 'Maggie May'. This is undoubtedly the sound that Blur grabbed me by my shoulders and violently shook me awake with. If this is not your cup-o-tea per say, then perhaps you might like the few albums after this... even if they are crap, I guess someone has to like them!

Grab the tracks here!

Track 1, Girls & Boys

Track 2, Girls & Boys (Pet Shop Boys Radio Edit)

Track 3, Girls & Boys (Pet Shop Boys 12" Mix)

Track 4, Magpie

Track 5, Peter Panic

Track 6, Maggie May

US Food Records 1994, 7243-8-58155-2-2

Personal rating 4/5

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Jeff said...

I find it surprising that you would suggest that all of the later Blur material is crap. I had more or less stopped caring much after parklife but I got a promo copy of 13 while working at a record shop at the time of its release, and I was again interested in the band. I will admit that I haven't listened to any other of the later material but, I would think that at least some of the moodier and somewhat darker songs on 13 would appeal to someone of your sensibilities.
No offense taken at all by your comments, just surprised.
Totally off subject, but I wanted to say that I have come across one or two bands on here that I was completely unfamiliar with before and I am entirely convinced of their greatness now. Thanks for the introductions.

Dreamwave said...

Perhaps my 'crap' comment was a tad harsh. I just became so jaded with the 'woo-hoo' chanting in commercials and footballs games. 13 was a decent album, and Think Tank ok as well. it still doesn't sum up to the glory they had on the first two albums IMO.