Sunday, August 26, 2007

Xymox - Twist Of Shadows

After Xymox morphed from their darker sounding 'goth' renditions, they opted for a lighter, more synth-based dance sound. The initial response from me upon reading reviews back them were.. "Eww". I grudgingly went to the shop and forked over the dough for Twist Of Shadows, and expected the worst. What I found was they really hadn't stayed too far from their roots, but livened it up a bit. Although it took a short while to become infectious with me, Twist Of Shadows is truly one of the more remarkable albums to have come out in the late 80's, and early 90's. It is surly one of the few that I can listen to without having to hit the 'next' button on the remote.

Track 1, Evelyn

Track 2, Obsession

Track 3, Craving

Track 4, Blind Hearts

Track 5, The River

Track 6, A Million Things

Track 7, Tonight

Track 8, Imagination

Track 9, In The City

Track 10, Clementina

Canadian Wing Records 1988, 838233-2

Personal rating 4.5/5

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Anonymous said...

..yeah great album...but after this..they went totally downhill..

tinywhite said...

What a coincidence! I finally got my vinyl conversion bug going and just recorded Xymoxs' Obsession 12 inch and you uploaded this.
I too was weary about the musical turn Xymox were taking and was reluctant to buy the entire album, I settled for the 12 inch based solely on the b-sides title "Hitchhikers dance guide". It ended up being a staple for dance mix tapes sounding like M/A/R/R/S meets Yello.
Anyway as a show of thanks here it is for you and your fans to enjoy

A01. Obsession (Club Mix)
A02. Obsession (Edit)
B01. Hitchhikers Dance Guide

anyone have the other 12 inches released for this album that would be great!

pulsebeat said...

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"Tu eliges el lugar de la herida" said...

Yor blog is amazing!!
So beauty!!

Byeee, Karla

Anonymous said...

Hello, pwemb:
Excellent blog...super high!!
Good Like ...the 90s and 80s in the music is the best age...
the album of Xymox is beautiful, and is ten points..
Your remember the duo "IF?"...
I Hope upload music of If?...
Very Good!!!
Congratulation again!!!
Regards From Lima-Peru

P.D. Please search music of If???

Anonymous said...

Super High..the album is beautiful...

Ricardo From Peru