Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Zephyrs - When The Sky Comes Down It Comes Down On Your Head

The Zephyrs brand of slowed down alt-country can best be described as taking Mojave 3 and putting it through a blender on ice at very low speeds. Although this odd description may sound bad, trust me in saying this is some beautiful, albeit slow, music coming from Scotland. If you think you might be hearing some familiar voices lulling from your speaker, well you will be correct. Refer to the track 'Setting Sun' for a beautiful dose of Rachel Goswell in an almost Mojave 3 atmosphere. Adele Bethel of Arab Strap is also found lending a hand on this album. This is the perfect summer evening music to lay back on the lounger, and slowly nurse a few beers.

Track 1, The Buildings Aren't Going Anywhere

Track 2, Modern Beats

Track 3, Mount Misery

Track 4, Setting Sun

Track 5, The Green Tree

Track 6, Paint Your House

Track 7, Murder Of A Small Man

Track 8, Stargazer

Track 9, Ballad Of The Green Tree

Grab the tracks here! Password-pwemb.blogspot.com

UK Southpaw Records 2001, PIASV 012 CD

Personal rating 4.75/5


Stockton said...

hi, great blog. "When The Sky Comes Down It Comes Down On Your Head" by The Zephyrs is one of the most beautiful albums I have heard in my life, but please you could re-upload in high quality (320 kb/s), please please please.

Dreamwave said...

Hi Stockton

I can't upload that big anymore..
The files are too big for the 100M cutoff most of these free servers now have. I had filecroc for that reason, but the site died.