Sunday, September 23, 2007

The High - Somewhere Soon

Many a group picked up the torch during the early 90's, and tried to copy the now-famous style of The Stone Roses. Usually many of these bands, to put it bluntly, were crap. There were the odd few that popped through the radar, and had a somewhat unique style which should have garnered them some more attention in the presses. This possibly was the case with The High, as they did put together a decent overall album, one that can be fully enjoyed from start to end. They were really only vaguely known for their single 'Box Set Go', which is more of an afterthought in the UK charts than anything else. What you will find here, is a style enriched with the vibe of The Stone Roses, the jangle of The Byrds, and a bit of musical pump compliments of James. It's not the best thing that came out during this fevered time known as the 90's, but it's not the worst either. If music were comfort food, The Stone Roses would have been a steak dinner, The Smiths probably a good pill overdose wrapped in a butty with some chips, and The High, well they would have been a nice bag of crisps. Is that a bad thing? I love a bag of crisps from time to time!

Track 1, Box Set Go

Track 2, Take Your Time

Track 3, This Is My World

Track 4, Rather Be Marsanne

Track 5, So I Can See

Track 6, A Minor Turn

Track 7, Dreams Of Dinesh

Track 8, Up & Down

Track 9, P.W.A.

Track 10, Somewhere Soon

Grab the tracks here!

US London Records 1990, 828224-2

Personal rating 3/5


stuporfly said...

I bought this when it first came out, and it's still an album I treasure. I don't know whether the feeling of intimacy comes from the knowledge that I'm one of maybe 100 people in the world who ever listen to this or if it's actually there in the music. I guess it doesn't matter. It's just nice to see it getting a mention here.

Anonymous said...

the guy on the guitar was an early member of the stone roses

Anonymous said...

id say more like jelly this one on vinyl nd cba to rip it...nice one

Anonymous said...

Take your time is brilliant...