Friday, October 19, 2007

Grandaddy - The Crystal Lake

Just for the record, we're not talking about the old guy sitting in a retirement home. No this is the real deal, without the abrasive depends under garments. If you've not heard of Grandaddy prior to reading this blog, you'll have a quick crash course on what they sound like. Though it's not the greatest music ever made, it does provide a good dose of adrenaline and delivers a reliably great listen on every album. The album 'Sophtware Slump' is something to add to your next shopping list, not to mention Christmas is just around the corner.

Track 1, The Crystal Lake (Radio Edit)

Track 2, The Crystal Lake (Album Version)

Grab the tracks here!

US V2 Records 2000, V2DJ-27664-2

Personal rating 3.75/5

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1 comment:

Crystal Lake said...

I hadn't seen that cover before. Crystalake isn't one of the best tracks off of Sophtware Slump by my tastes, but I love Grandaddy.