Friday, October 19, 2007

Doves - Caught By The River

Another of the UK super group bands to overthrow the rather daunting moniker that Oasis held for so long. I simply adore the album 'The Last Broadcast', although it isn't like some of the groundbreaking albums I've posted here (Ride, Verve ect), it is clearly one of the best things to come out since 2K began. Perhaps the one thing that kind of makes me cringe somewhat when I hear this album, is the fact it somewhat copies the sound of already famous bands such as Verve and Radiohead. Thankfully, it's not 100% knockoff, and the album is well written and doesn't sound like *cough* Oasis. I'd suggest this album to anyone who doesn't already own it, and likes what I put up here. I think you can probably trust me by this point, no?

Track 1, Caught By The River (Edit)

Track 2,
Caught By The River (Album Version)

Grab the tracks here!

US EMI Records 2002, DPRO 7087 6 17435 2 4

Personal rating 4/5

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