Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ride - I Don't Know Where It Comes From (Remix)

It seems like Creation Records had this problem in the 90's, although I'm sure that other labels did the same thing. The problem was taking a band like Ride or Slowdive, and feeling they had to make 'danceable' songs from their music. I'm not quite sure how they felt this was a good idea? I know Ride was going through the death throes of their last few albums, but it making the track a dance song really going to bring the band a larger audience? Doubtful. If anything, it will distance the already faithful a tad further. The first rendition is bloody awful, and hurts my ears! Thankfully, I don't have to listen to the whole track as I do with records during ripping. The final track, although showing some spark, does not even come close to capturing the magic that the band once had. It's around this time that they fell from grace, and shortly after released the *cough* Tarantula album. Say no more?

Track 1, I Don't Know Where It Comes From (Apollo 11 Mix)

Track 2, Moonlight Medicine (Ride On The Wire Mix)

Track 3, A Journey To The End Of The Universe (Version)

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UK Creation Records 1994, CRESCD 189R

Personal rating 2/5

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