Sunday, October 14, 2007

Goldfrapp - Black Cherry

Being both gorgeous, and having a heavenly voice can always help propel you as being the new darling of the UK music media. Having an album that is sheer musical brilliance will make you a god. Checking it out for free, priceless. Having been around the ropes a while before the conception of Goldfrapp, appearing with Tricky and Orbital alike, it made sense for Goldfrapp to become it's own entity. Gladly so, as we would never have the immense joy to listen to this album Black Cherry. I'll not spoil the fun for you, but if you're not sold by the first track then there is no hope for you. This is one of those albums you SHOULD own, and if you don't, why the hell are you still sitting here? Next trip you do to your local shop, pick this up and save yourself the embarrassment of never having grabbed it. The music will say enough for itself, it doesn't really need me to blither on like an idiot. So with that, enjoy.

Track 1, Crystaline Green

Track 2, Train

Track 3, Black Cherry

Track 4, Tiptoe

Track 5, Deep Honey

Track 6, Hairy Trees

Track 7, Twist

Track 8, Strict Machine

Track 9, Forever

Track 10, Slippage

Grab the tracks here!

Canadian Mute Records 2003, 9 9206-2

Personal rating 5/5


Jason X said...

Dude, You got the LP? I'm jealous...and I know someone ELSE who'd be even MORE jealous...LOL

Highlander said...

Only heard 'Strict Machine' from Black Cherry but enjoy it so much that I am happy to have this - many thanks.