Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Swervedriver - Mezcal head

It seems proper to post this brilliant album while the rumors circulate about the reunion of Swervedriver. Yes, as it would seem, they have gotten back together and are working on new material for an upcoming album sometime in 2008. Tours will follow, though until now I've not seen any dates listed anywhere. Since the Adam Franklin debacle double release via Toshack Highway (which I though was awful), I had to wonder when the parade of good bands from the mid 90's would begin to start reappearing. It's already happened in from the 80's, why not have a few of these folks do it to! I just hope they don't sound like half retired cheesebags, and still bring the energy they once had to their upcoming shows. It would be such a shame to finally get to see Swervedriver, only to find 'they suck now'. Let's all keep our fingers crossed, as some bands are to remain brilliant in the past, but not so much in the future. I'd hate to hear them slaughter some of my favorite tunes, or more apt, their best songs. Let us now if you hear something new regarding any show dates here...

Track 1, For Seeking Heat

Track 2, Duel

Track 3, Blowin' Cool

Track 4, MM Abduction

Track 5, Last Train To Satansville

Track 6, Harry & Maggie

Track 7, A Change Is Gonna Come

Track 8, Girl On A Motorbike

Track 9, Duress

Track 10, You Find It Everywhere

Track 11, Never Lose That Feeling/Never Learn

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US A&M Records 1993, 31454 0129-2

Personal rating 4.5/5

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