Friday, October 26, 2007

Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure (Remaster)

The best album Roxy Music ever put out in my personal opinion, and still retains the top spot as best album of the 70's on my lists. These were the good times, the Eno years, although that was possibly to change with the band. Although they would still be successful in the early 80's with albums like Avalon, it just wasn't the same. This whole album rocks from start to finish, while the later material (minus Eno) was just a singles band (although they were good singles). This goes to show that whatever Eno touches turns to gold. I wish I could borrow him for a weekend, I have a pile of junk here he can fondle for a few days.. Tracks that stand out (among the absolute gems here) are 'Editions Of You', 'Grey Lagoons' and 'For Your Pleasure'. It's a marvelous album, from start to finish. The other thing that can be famed for their early albums is the incredible artwork. This is also among my favorite covers of all time. Hope you enjoy this blast from the past!

Track 1, Do The Strand

Track 2, Beauty Queen

Track 3, Strictly Confidential

Track 4, Editions Of You

Track 5, In Every Dream Home A Heartache

Track 6, The Bogus Man

Track 7, Grey Lagoons

Track 8, For Your Pleasure

Grab the tracks here!

EU Virgin Records 1973, ROXYCD2

Personal rating 5/5

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Anonymous said...

I always thought "Stranded" was the close cousin to "For Your Pleasure." Arguably Roxy's albums up until "Manifesto" had that Eno Glam shine to them. Manifesto and unwards is pure singles-ville.

Anonymous said...

Your site is great!
Thanks for sharing such good music!

Anonymous said...

your blog is really interesting. always something new to discover.
thanks for that. roxy music was really new to me. i only knew the singles and avalon. i`m really impressed. could you post some more rm-tracks or albums from the eno-years?