Monday, November 05, 2007

Does it ever end?

FUCK ME! Halloween has just ended, and like usual there is a plethora of Christmas crap already lining the store shelves. The ads are already starting on TV, and fliers are out. No wonder I'm perpetually broke!!! Fork out money for Halloween, fork out money for Christmas, then there's Easter, and then Valentines day... Does it ever end? Now our government is talking about adding another holiday for us, just so they can suck more money out of us. Why not make Oktoberfest a holiday, or St Patrick's day.. hell why not even make Father and Mothers day a holiday too. That means we'll work less, and have less money to spend on this crap. I think I should become an atheist, become single, live in a cave on a remote island, and use shells for commerce. Hell, screw commerce altogether, I'll just live like on Castaway except have a unique setup so I have some gerbils power up my turntable so I can play my records. Diahrea from coconuts? It's almost worth the effort.

And that is how I feel today..

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