Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Robin Guthrie - Continental

Former Cocteau Twins guitar wizard Robin Guthrie has released what is undoubtedly a release of sheer brilliance in Continental. The music glistens with the sounds of his former band, while injecting a fresh shoegaze-esque sounds that will be sure to please all fans. I like to note the sounds of this album to that of water slowly running across a pane of glass, it's gorgeous textures endlessly rippling over you, in a feeling you'll describe in your own words. This is material that is hard to beat by any standards, as Guthrie is the master in his trade. It's no easy task for me to describe this to you, best that you purchase your own copy, and experience the delirium yourself. In case you're looking, we also have them for sale here :)

Track 1, Continental

Track 2, Conquering The Romantic

Track 3, Crescent

Track 4, Monument

Track 5, Amphora

Track 6, The Day Star

Track 7, Radiance

Track 8, As I Breathe

Track 9, Last Exit

Track 10, Pale

Grab the tracks here!

US Darla Records 2006, DRL174

Personal rating 5/5

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