Thursday, November 15, 2007

Got Sound?

Somebody has to! If you've got a band, and think we'd have something to say, drop us a line! We'd love to hear your CD and possibly write a little something about it here. Get a little exposure, and maybe some new fans! Please keep admissions to the style this blog follows: ie- no rap/metal/grandpa music or yodels.

Send you CDs to:

107 Grass Ave
St Catharines, Ont

Also, send us free stuff too, we like that! No bombs please.
If you want to help us keep this blog going and getting fresh stuff to post, you can also send us some funds. Money is always a good thing.


Anonymous said...

I went to grab some tracks on this site, which are great as I might say, but this torrentflux came up and asked for a username and password. Any suggestions.


Anonymous said...

No grampa music??? How upsetting LOL