Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Raincoats - Moving

Oddly enough I will still post this on my blog. There will be of you who ask why, but this is merely here because of it's rarity and significance in musical history (if only a mere footnote). This is one of those bands I can't bring myself to get into, not to mention I wonder why anyone else can. It's pretty awful stuff, but then that's just my take on things. What brings it to my blog? Well, it's the simple fact that Kurt Cobain was nuts about these guys. He even went to the degree of mentioning them in the liners of his releases... perhaps we can blame the drugs. In any case, maybe there's something here that I'm just NOT hearing, but to me this sounds like a bunch of cats thrown in bags, and beaten with sticks (don't go find out what that sounds like). If this is your cup o' tea, then please take more sugar, lot's more.

Track 1, No One's Little Girl

Track 2, Ooh Ooh La La La

Track 3, Dance Of Hopping Mad

Track 4, Balloon

Track 5, Mouth Of A Story

Track 6, I Saw A Hill

Track 7, Overheard

Track 8, Rainstorm

Track 9, The Body

Track 10, Animal Rhapsody

Grab the tracks here!

US Geffen Records 1994, 24624

Personal rating .05/5


Oreo said...

I went to grab some tracks on this site, which are great as I might say, but this torrentflux came up and asked for a username and password. Any suggestions.


Dreamwave said...

That should all be fixed now :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm. about best band I've seen on your blog as yet....but can't all have great taste;)

Anonymous said...

you should listen to their first album. might change your mind.

Anonymous said...

yes. you pretty much need to get yr hands on the first album asap. i'll take the raincoats' 'lola' over the kinks any day. this stuff pales greatly, but you were right to post it as piece of punk history. thank you for doing so.

Anonymous said...