Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Televise - Songs To Sing In A & E

Former Slowdive member Simon Scott, who left the band to attend school early on, resurfaces with this great release Songs To Sing In A & E. Although there are traces of his Slowdive lineage, don't expect this album to have the same downtempo aura that was prevalent on any Slowdive album. What you will find is more to the tune of what Ride were doing earlier on, albeit a little more on the spaced-out side. The album is solid from start to end, not really a dull moment within. The highlights are the dreamy (and loud) 'Smile' which takes me back to those old days in the mid 90's (something which few modern albums can do). It's not quite perfect to garner a 5, but it's damn close. It's a good comeback for someone who obviously couldn't stay away from the stage for long.

Track 1, This Is Where...

Track 2, Radiation Sound

Track 3, If I Told You

Track 4, I Don't Know Why

Track 5, Smile

Track 6, Underwater

Track 7, Mercy Seat

Track 8, Never Alone

Track 9, Life On Mars

Grab the track here, then go buy your own copy!

UK ClubAC30 Records 2006, AC303022

Personal rating 4/5

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