Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Jesus And Mary Chain - Darklands

Since I seem to be stuck in this frame of mind, what better time to talk about a few other brilliant releases from yesteryear. If if weren't for Darklands, nor Jesus & Mary Chain as a whole, I'm not sure where I would be musically today. I owe these brash blokes a lot for getting me into the darker, dronier resonance that has held my interest for some time now. My initial impression of Psychocandy was "what shit!", or something to that effect. Little did I know that this would be one of the albums that dominated the turntable, and still does to this day. I guess I can translate the initial reaction to J&MC as sonic shock. You see, I was probably enjoying a good dose of OMD at the time, and this would have turned my ears inside out. Thankfully, I did listen to them again, and it grew on me.. oh did it ever! Darklands was a bit more tame, but an album that seemed to soothe the inner need for something.. anything.. other than the dreaded synthpop that was so prevalent at the time. I also needed something a little less razor-to-wrist as I was getting with Moz (yeah Moz, I still luv ya, you just made me sad). I consider these first few J&MC albums essential to any (hate this term) "modern rock" or "alternative" collection, and if you do not own these, give yourself 20 lashes immediately. This might seem like old news to some, but based on the downloads of this earlier material, it seems some people have lived in a cave all through this period. So here it is, in all of it's splendor, it's time to call thyself a fan of Jesus & Mary Chain.

Track 1, Darklands

Track 2, Deep One Perfect Morning

Track 3, Happy When It Rains

Track 4, Down On Me

Track 5, Nine Million Rainy Days

Track 6, April Skies

Track 7, Fall

Track 8, Cherry Came Too

Track 9, On The Wall

Track 10, About You

Grab the tracks here!

German Blanco Y Negro Records 1987, 2292-42182-2

Personal rating 5/5

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