Sunday, December 02, 2007

Slowdive - Outside Your Room EP

Once again digging back to the cream of the crop from the mid 90's, we find this gem of a release. Being one of my personal favorite artists, it's not hard to find me writing glowing reviews about Slowdive. This is one of the bands that have endured the musical genre purges that I went through some years back, as I cast off stuff I "just couldn't tolerate anymore". Luckily, I went through that with Culture Club almost as soon as it started. This EP is of the finest quality the band would deliver, although some may decree that Pygmalion was the premiere release. From the dizzy drug induced 'Alison', to the dreamy coma-infused 'So Tired', this EP bleeds what the genre known affectionately as Shoegaze was about. There haven't been many artists that could dare to aspire to the godliness this band has brought you over their short career, nor should they ever. This is Halstead at his best, and Rachel at her loveliest, and it's hard to comprehend anything better than this.

Track 1, Alison

Track 2, So Tired

Track 3, Souvlaki Space Station

Track 4, Moussaka Chaos

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Australian Creation Records Promo, 659465-2

Personal rating 5/5

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