Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ride - Leave Them All Behind

Possibly the best know of the Ride tracks, due to it's commercial success across the pond (or beside the pond if you live in N. America). Although this isn't my favorite track by the band, and definitely not the best EP they've put out, it does rank further down in my favorite singles list. Oddly enough, most of Ride's earlier material are on the list somewhere between 1 and 50. This would be another on the long list of bands I wished I'd had a chance to see live. Thankfully, when I had the chance it was on the Tarantula tour, and that probably would have sucked. Seeing these blokes in their prime would have been mind blowing, kind of the way seeing Mew was back last year. I'll only garner a guess to those of you who have seen them live, I am betting that you haven't soon forgotten the experience. But you can always tell a bit about it here :)

Track 1, Leave Them All Behind

Track 2, Chrome Waves

Track 3, Grasshopper

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UK Creation Records 1992, CRESD 123

Personal rating 4.5/5

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to chime in and brag about how in spring of 1991 I saw what was certainly the most definitive and indeed most memorable show I have ever experienced -- the Lush/Ride co-headlining show at the very tiny Roxy on the Sunset Strip. Tickets were as I recall about $10 and we got there early to line-up. As I drove down Sunset, there were Mark, Andy, Steve and Lol walking 4 abreast down the street, clearly reveling in being on such hallowed rock and roll ground. Then while waiting in line a bus pulled up and Lush ambled out. All I remember is seeing Miki's red hair and then drooling at Emma, despite sitting next to my girlfriend. The soundcheck was a portend of things to come -- they were playing so loud that the wall I was leaning against was vibrating.

Ride went on first and I stood no more than 6 feet from the stage. It was a sonic onslaught; never before or since have I been to a louder show. If I didn't love the band so much, I probably would have left. It was just raw power. I remember being surprised when Andy stepped up to the mic on "Nowhere". They encored with an extended version of "Drive Blind" that ended with Lol tossing his snare drum onto the stage for some reason.

Then Lush came on. I know at the time I was disappointed and surprised that they weren't opening, but they were incredible and I can tell you that as a 21-year-old guy, it was not unpleasant to be standing just a few feet from the most beautiful woman to ever play guitar -- Emma Anderson. I remember Miki wore a strange bodysuit sort of thing.

Only downside to the show was the presence of a clearly tripped-out bodybuilder who was trying to get a mosh going and clobbering anyone who got in his way. Also, walking down the street after having my eardrums torn apart for 2.5 hours, I staggered around punch-drunk in spite of not drinking, smoking or ingesting any sort of drug. I also literally could not hear what my girlfriend was saying as she stood a few feet from me! It was a bit scary. But it remains THE coolest show I ever went to and the one I can brag about.

Mike said...

saw these in '90 in Manchester with Bleach I think it was.
Yep, you missed out.

dreamwave said...

I do believe I have the Roxy LP on vinyl somewhere, so I can somewhat relate to you ;)

MikeB said...

I was lucky enough, thanks to John Peel, to catch Ride very early on.
Saw them half a dozen times in 1990 and a few more in 1991/92. I don't listen to their stuff very much any more but live they were tremendous and 'Seagull" remains one of the best set closers I have ever seen/heard.