Sunday, January 13, 2008

Echo & The Bunnymen - A Promise

One way to kick of a return to vinyl sharing is to have some Echo & The Bunnymen kick it off. Gladly, I managed to grab this copy of the 'A Promise' ep while on my Christmas trip to the in-laws. Although the local shop in Cobourg Ontario usually has nothing of interest to me, this time I found myself extremely happy I bothered to check it out. This was one of the gems I dug up there, and oddly enough it's one of the few E&TB ep's I didn't own. This has always been one of my favorite tracks by them, even though it kind of sounds like The Cure *gasp!, you know how much I love The Cure (not)* Despite being reminiscent of another band, Ian's vice shines through making this the perfect perfect standout on the album Heaven Up Here. The b-side sounds more like something you'd hear on the Modern English album Mesh & Lace, being slightly more to the goth side of things than you might have remembered...

Track 1, A Promise

Track 2, Broke My Neck

Grab the tracks here!

UK Korova Records 1981, KOW-15-T

Personal rating 4.5/5

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King AdBeck said...

The joy of finding Bunnymen vinyl! I remember coming across a copy of Porcupine, long out of print at the time, in a Connecticut second-hand store. Though it turned out to be their weakest album, to my ears anyway, The Killing Moon 12" I also picked up did not disappoint. Then, of course, it was all remastered and put out on cd, making those years of searching seem rather pointless, but the memory of a crackling turntable churning out the All Night Version of Killing Moon is with me to this day.

Incidentally, I got to see them live during their Electrafixion days, and even though the crowd was ugly and they cut their set list short, it was an amazing show!

Highlander said...

'A Promise' is one of the best Bunnymen songs and acts as a catalyst for many happy, and not-so-happy, moments from my youth. Always liked the kind of pleading in McCullochs voice ..."You said something will change..."

jojo said...

Thanks for the songs, I looked everywhere for them and couldn't find them.