Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kevin Hewick And The Sound- This Cover Keeps Reality Unreal

This is a strange post for sure, and you'll garner as much when you get a chance to hear the tracks listed below. The first thing here that makes things seem a tad odd, the flickering appearance of Kevin Hewick, once asked to record with the post Joy Division band known as New Order (perhaps as a replacement for the now dead Ian Curtis). Nothing really came from this recording session, and thankfully the hands of time resulted in New Order going on as they should have, and making some exceptional music. I guess at the time, it would have made sense for New Order to be seeking this eccentric label mate on Factory Records to replace the equally eccentric Ian Curtis. We now look at The Sound, who were just about the most unknown band to ever record five albums. They, unlike Joy Division and other bands in the 'post-punk' era, got little to no attention, and were designated to b-rate stature. The sad reality is... they weren't all that bad! We now take a quick look at this EP, which oddly enough features both artists (see a trend here?). Since we didn't see fruition from the New Order session, the next likely band to work with was The Sound. I guess at this time there weren't a host of bands banging on Kevin's door for an audition. Possibly the least likely combination I've heard, then again I have heard some strange stuff in my time (remind me to tell you about 'The Sturm Group' sometime). When I listen to this, I'm somewhat confused as to what the band are trying to be. One track sounds like the spine-scratching stuff that Modern English were doing on their first album, then the next it's a tad more like that of Echo & The Bunnymen. The EP is decent given that you give each track a separate listen, all in one go it's kind of a bit chaotic (then that's my opinion). I have heard The Sound previously, as I own several of their albums (you know the ones nobody else knows about). I have never had the pleasure, or displeasure, of hearing Kevin Hewick in any fashion prior, although I understand if I grab the Factory Quartet compilation, I will hear a fair deal of him. Considering this guy was on Factory Records, and opened for Joy Division, A Certain Ratio, The Durutti Column and Section 25, I have never heard his name before. I guess Kevin and I were never meant to be, and after listening to this ep, I'm not sure I have been missing much (although I'm still considering that). Give this a listen, and the let me know what you think of it. Some will probably like it, some will not, more still will be like me and be sitting on the fence.

Track 1, Plenty

Track 2, Neath Dancing Waves

Track 3, Amber

Track 4, Scapegoat In A Country Churchyard

Grab the tracks here!

UK Cherry Red Records 1983, 12 CHERRY 76

Person rating 3/5

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syliap said...

Kevin is alive and well and still as much a maverick singer-songwriter as ever. His most recent performance was in Brussels with Section 25, Crispy Ambulance, The Names....and DJ: Peter Hook!...(yes, that Joy Division/New Order link again)...the night was billed as 'A Factory Night (Once Again)' and was by all accounts, quite special.

Kevin Hewick website:

Monkey Flinging Poo said...

Interesting upload. It's not the end all be all of Factory, but I appreciate the chance to hear it!

Kevin Hewick said...

If Pop doesn't eat your blog.. I will!

Dreamwave said...

Be nice Kevin :) Pop gives you ulcers..

Kevin Hewick said...

dreamwave: No pop ulcers for me lol, it was meant as a non-serious jokey comment, I guess it could be misread like texts on the phone get misread!I actually appreciate the blog and the interest in the EP.I know I was very lucky to get to work with The Sound , especially as Adrian and Colvin of the band are sadly no longer with us.. but otherwise I'd sooner be known and remembered for what I do now than what I did then!

ScienceFriction said...

Over my winter break I went through and I was amazed at all the wonderful music that you've posted. I have to say though, this is another great post. It's nice to hear these sort of gems. :)

Ralph said...

Hey, I vaguely remember 'the sturm group', don't remember for sure if I picked up their album or if I just had a copy on cassette from a friend, I'll have to have a look to see if I can find that someday. Something tells me that was a Canadian band that had an album released on a UK label so it was only available as an import in Canada (I could be mixing them up with some other obscure 80's band though - it's been a few years!)

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