Saturday, January 19, 2008

Morrissey - Everyday Is Like Sunday

This ep has been in deliberation for a while now, that is, which is the favorite of all the Morrissey releases. I think I have finally made the executive decision that this is my favorite Moz ep, with 'Suedehead' coming in a very close second. The track 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' exemplified the character of Moz, being the overly depressing and yet tender being he is. You just can't help being sucked in, and ebracing all the misery in the lyrics. You have to wonder what a whole generation of teens worldwide were feeling, as they crowned Morrissey as their savior. Was everybody feeling this, or were we all duped? I do believe there was, and still is a great deal of misery in our world, though we tend to walk around with blinders on. Perhaps Moz encapsulated this misery into his words, and we finally opened our eyes for a time. I can bet he changed a many persons lives back then. Those who were alone, and unsure; his words spoke volumes, and made them feel they were not alone. This one man, who arose from nothing to be a musical god... This will be the Morrissey that stands the test of time, and have our grandchildren asking us if we were all on downers.

Track 1, Everyday Is Like Sunday

Track 2, Sister I'm A Poet

Track 3, Disappointed

Track 4, Will Never Marry

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Canadian Sire Records 1988, 92 09860

Personal rating 5/5

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ScienceFriction said...

What a great post. It would be great to see more early Moz singles up, even the Kill Uncle singles are alright. Thanks for posting the German copy of Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others, it is great hearing The Draize Train. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

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anyhow thanks for the good read!