Thursday, January 17, 2008

Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Balloon Man

Robyn Hitchcock is one of those artists that have been one of Britain's premiere singer/songwriters throughout the 80's and 90's, albeit somewhat behind the scenes. Despite being moderately successful, he never seemed to gain the notoriety he deserved with any of his releases. His albums sparkle with his magical writing style and wittiness, yet despite all this I have never seen his albums on any top albums lists. Perhaps we can set a bit of precedence here with this post? So I'm here to give him what he truly deserves, a bit more credit. Robyn always seemed to fit into a very tight place in my musical collection, being somewhere between The Housemartins, and Billy Bragg. When The Housemartins were overly too nice and sickly, there he was. When the great Billy Bragg was a tad too political for the mood, there he was. Not being too naughty or nice, he is a constant with every album, and I could always rely on him to deliver something that was a marvelous listen. Robyn is like The Church's or The House Of Love's, always having something good to say, masquerading it in something of musical genius, but never really reaching that stardom spire that always eluded him. Sure, there are probably Robyn Hitchcock fan sites out there, there has to be after releasing some 20 odd albums, not to mention his time with the Soft Boys. Let's give him a listen, and hopefully Robyn fever with clutch the world. A bit about this EP: if you find yourself a copy, you might want to check that it is on coloured vinyl. I have both a blue and green pressing of this EP with a slight variation on the jacket. Not to mention that this one is fully autographed.

Track 1, Balloon Man

Track 2, A Globe Of Frogs (Electric)

Track 3, The Ghost Ship

Grab the tracks here!

US A&M Records 1988, SP-17530 (Green Vinyl Promo)

Personal rating 4.5/5

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Dreamwave said...

Folks, if you downloaded this prior to 1:00PM EST, please re-download it. The sound quality was piss, so I re-recorded it on my MMF 5.1 with my Goldring cartridge. The sound is night and day. I'm also ripping several other goodies as we speak, but had to re-rip those as well. I guess this will be my rip table also from now on... Let me know if you notice a huge 'jump' in sound quality from the vinyl.

mug said...

Thanks much for this. It sounds great.

Steve said...

Balloon man is awesome! What a great song.

I never understood why Robyn Hitchcock wasn't more popular. He has such a great ear for melody. Plus, he's got that distinctive voice.