Monday, February 04, 2008

Front 242 - Rhythm Of Time

My musical tastes often flirted on the edge of the dark side, being somewhat into goth and industrial alike. There were a few artists I absolutely loved, one of which was Front 242. Although a lot of sites list them as being electronic or dark wave, I always felt them to be among the pioneers of industrial music. Call them what you will, they always delivered some cutting edge material. With the exception of Geography (I always felt that album was weak), I've continually found something on every album to warrant purchasing it. Morse, I've always been drawn to the 12" releases, as they tend to have decent remixes of some of the weaker tracks (which isn't the case with some other bands). Once you download this, I'm sure you agree with me when I say the 'Victor The Cleaner' remix is a great listen. If not, well sod you.

Track 1, Rhythm Of Time (12" Version)

Track 2,
Rhythm Of Time (Anti-G Mix)

Track 3,
Rhythm Of Time (Victor The Cleaner)

Grab the tracks here!

Dutch RRE Records, RRE T 13

Personal rating 4/5

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