Monday, February 04, 2008

P.I.L. - Seattle

I'm not an overly big fanatic of Johnny Lydon, nor have I really ever been into The Sex Pistols or PIL for that matter. With that said, there are several tracks by PIL I do like, 'Seattle' being one, and 'Rise' being the other. I can't say anything else has done it for me. Most other tracks seem to annoy the shit out of me actually. I find myself owning several of their albums, and going why? I only like to two tracks, and the EPS do nicely for both songs I actually do like. I never really understood why people liked The Sex Pistols so much, it's not like there wasn't a heap of good other stuff to choose. In retrospect, it was probably the F.U. attitude they had that sucked people in. Having your tracks banned on radio will do the trick nicely. Lydon has somewhat tamed down, christ that's an odd thing to say, being that he's still skelly-eyed and looks like a raving lunatic. Hell, maybe I'm being to harsh on him, but hell I never got my place in fame being sued on Judge Judy for not paying my crew did I? Enjoy the track, I might throw up 'Rise' in the future, and that will end my discography of PIL for this blog. Rant away, I expect a few of you will.

Track 1, Seattle (12" Mix)

Track 2, Body (12" Mix)

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US Virgin Records 1987, DMD 1120

Personal rating 3.5/5

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Ralph said...

Two in a row that I have the original vinyl of! I've enjoyed your blog! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

pistols have their place. Credit to Glen Matlock and S Jones though

Echorich said...

Ok, my two cents...I love early PiL..the first 3 albums are a siren call to the end of British punk and the ground floor of post punk. By the time of Seattle and Rise, Johnny was too cartoonish for me and the music didn't have the weight of the early work. Rise and Seattle are important, but they are roses among weeds for the most part.