Monday, February 11, 2008

Love & Rockets - No Big Deal

I've been digging deep into my collection of late, pulling out a lot of things I actually wondered why I own. Some things actually surprise me as to how bloody awful they are after listening to them after many years, and then there's the group that I suddenly find myself liking. This Love & Rockets 12" was among the list of things I didn't like, but have since found it more tolerable. Back then, I was the dutiful L&R fan, and bought everything they had on the shelves. Today, I find myself a lot more reserved with my purchasing, largely to the fact that I now realize money doesn't grow on trees (well, it does kind of, but not in bill form in my magical world). The club mix isn't half bad, but then I was always notorious for disliking or liking something for about 10.5 seconds worth of a listen. Times have changed, and I actually give something about 30 seconds before I turf the needle off and plop the record on the shelf to gather dust. The real kicker here were the b-sides. They aren't especially brilliant, but it is cool to actually hear the raw pseudo-live band playing in some radio station. This is when you hear them at their best, and see what you don't usually see with all the studio tricks absent. The tracks are a good time capsule of what a band sounds like while sodding about in the studio, and you can always detect the alcohol dripping through the lyrics. A great example of what I'm talking about is REM's Dead Letter Office. A few of those tracks have a booze-induced state written all over them, and they actually credit the booze. These tracks won't probably get on one of your mixed tapes, but they will be something cool to listen to once or twice.

Track 1, No Big Deal (Club Version)

Track 2, 1000 Watts Of Your Love

Track 3, No More Words

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UK Beggars Banquet Records 1989, BEG 234T

Personal rating 3/5

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