Sunday, February 10, 2008

Epo 555 - Mafia (New Artist Sample)

Denmark has been busy of late, thrusting itself into the limelight with the likes of Mew. New to emerge from the Danish lands are Epo 555. The sophomore follow up to 2004 Dexter Fox is a titillating listen from start to end, proving that Denmark are truly coming of age musically. Possibly one of the best records to grace my ears this year, and has catapulted this unknown band into the book of new favorites and want to hear more category. The album touts many great tracks, 'Hyperschlieb', 'Harry Mambourg' and 'Maid In China' are the cream of the crop found here. Although there is slight room for improvement, it's not much, and this album is going to be rewarded with full marks all around from this end. We hope to see Epo 555 bringing some of this Danish bliss to this side of the pond, and I hope they don't stay away as long as country mates Mew have. Many thanks to Natalie @ Two Sheps That Pass for allowing me to write something about them, as well as the music.

For more information about Epo 555, please visit their website

Track 1, Spirit Of Fun

Track 2, Hyperschlieb

Track 3, Grisslappan

Track 4, Harry Mambourg

Track 5, Pizza TinTin

Track 6, Tess La Coil

Track 7, The Final Surf

Track 8, Centipede

Track 9, Maid In China

Track 10, Examinor

Track 11, Uberholen Hat Keinen Zweck

Danish Crunchy Frog Records 2007, FROG 045-1

Personal rating 5/5


Donna_Regina said...

hi! I listened months ago this Band and I like them very much! specially the tracks " Made in China " and " Le Beats on Fire".
Good job for Ebbe Fregg & Company!

Anonymous said...

The excellent message gallantly)))

zlovesti said...

Nice sound.
Loke it band.