Sunday, March 09, 2008

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps

This was a track that I heard on (of all places) a francophone channel that was playing music videos in the lulls of their programming. I had been channel flicking when I came across the gloomy looking singer crying her eyes out when she sang; quite odd. Although the video left much to be desired, the track was quite brilliant. It did get quite a bit of airplay on radio, like every hour at one point, and that initially drove me off it. But being the picky bastard I am, I knew I had to have this on vinyl, despite how hard it would be to find. Here we are, a glorious 10" red vinyl EP of maps, and a few other crap songs. I'll be honest in saying I've not really given the band a chance past this EP, and that's something I should do at some point (there's just too much music, and too little wallet). As I did mention, 'Maps' is a great track, which has a flickering winter breath on the shoegaze spectrum of things, and that’s perhaps why I like it so. The other two tracks I can live without, as they sound like the torture of Joan of Arc (and then some). It seems like New York is growing some great music; in the case of Interpol which I've liked everything, and in the case of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, at least I like one song.

Track 1, Maps

Track 2, Count Down

Track 3, Miles Away (John Peel Session)

Grab the tracks here!

US Interscope Records 2003, B0002074-11

Personal rating 3/5


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Anonymous said...

So true "Maps" is the only decent thing to come from the YYY. I honestly listened to all their other stuff after discovering this track but nothing else stuck. Weird really.
With that said, nice blog!

mauricio said...

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Ross Brown said...

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